Waterproof anti-slip dog shoes

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Your dog always collects ice, mud or sleet between their toes. Protect their paws – rain, ice,  or snow with the Waterproof anti-slip dog shoes.

These shoes are incredibly well-made to ensure warmth and comfort at the same time.

They can be quickly applied to dog shoes and closed with an adjustable, elastic strap for secure and tight closure.

It also has a good anti-slip effect and can provide traction to protect the dog’s claws from: the road, grass, tiles, deck, boat, sharp objects, rocks, wet surfaces, winter salt, snow, ice, indoor hardwood floors, and more.

Increase your pet's safety indoors or outdoors. Order now!


Size 1 - Length: 3.5cm | Width: 2.5cm | Suitable for dogs 0.5kg - 1kg
Size 2 - Length: 4cm | Width: 3cm | Suitable for dogs 1.5kg - 2.5kg
Size 3 - Length: 4.5cm | Width: 3.5cm | Suitable for dogs 2.5kg - 3.5kg
Size 4 - Length: 5cm | Width: 4cm | Suitable for dogs 3.5kg - 5kg
Size 5 - Length: 5.5cm | Width: 4.5cm | Suitable for dogs 5kg - 6.5kg
Size 6 - Length: 6cm | Width: 5cm | Suitable for dogs 9kg - 9kg
Size 7 - Length: 6.5cm | Width: 5.5cm | Suitable for dogs 11kg - 11kg